The Access Youth Center strives to maintain a safe, family-friendly environment accessible to every youth in our community ages 8-18. We have a variety of programs Tuesday-Friday providing after school and weekend activities, homework help, free snacks, and Bible studies. In addition, we provide an in-home visit program and host occasional special events.

“Someone once described this place as ‘Wabash’s living room,’ and I think that’s a pretty good example of what we want to be and what we are.”
— Liz Hobbs, AYC Executive Director

After School Programs

  • Tuesday-PROGRAM NIGHT-check back for new additions to this list!

    Young Adult Bible Study (ages 18-up)-6:30-8:00pm

  • Wednesday-

    What’s on the Weber(grill) (ages 8-18)-food, games, mentoring, homework help-3:45-5:00pm Middle School Guys Night-Bible Study, food, games-4:30-5:00pm

  • Thursday

    Grilled Cheese Thursday (ages 8-18)-food, games, mentoring, homework help-3:45-5:00pm

    Girls’ Night (9th-12th grade)-Bible study, mentoring-”destination night” 3rd Thursday-5:00-6:00pm

  • Friday

    Middle/High School Game Night-Food, games-5:00-7:00pm

Community Outreach

  • Backpack Giveaway

  • Blanket Giveaway

  • Connect needs of families with resources

  • Laundry/Shower Service

  • House Visit Program

Weekend Programming

  • First Friday Game/Craft Night

  • Holiday Family Dinners

  • Summer/Fall Park Parties

Partnership Programming

  • Autism Support Group

  • Community Chess Club

  • Bible Study/Prayer Stations