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Wabash Street Level Ministries is so much more than a child hangout; it is a home for academic instruction as well as promoting a culture that supports the principles of good citizenship and stewardship of the community. We strive to welcome, encourage, and develop our youth spiritually, academically, and relationally in the following ways:

  • Access Learning Academy-A cooperative effort between AYC and Wabash City Schools, provides academic and life-skill instructions to those students who need an alternative classroom setting.

  • Access Youth Center

  1. Afternoon Activities Program

  2. Community Outreach

  3. Partnership Programming

  4. Weekend Programming-

Our vision: When you change a child’s life, you also impact the family, as well as the community. Our youth come from challenging situations; each of them unique. We believe each child deserves to learn in an atmosphere where they are accepted, empowered and loved. The Access Youth Center believes our role is to assist in developing the whole child. It is our goal to empower youth to believe they can make an impact in their home, community, and work place while bringing glory to God.

Since 1986, The Access has taken steps to transform into the community youth center it is today. We exist in order to provide a calm, consistent presence in the lives of local youth; serving as a reminder of God’s love for each of us. We are thankful for the vision, benevolence, and hard work that have brought us to where we are today.

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A donation to Wabash Street Level Ministries helps continue our program offerings for local youth and families.

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